In 2012, Purple Row had an eventful year while following the Rockies to their dismal 64 - 98 finish. The site saw 1,341 feature stories posted, as well as numerous fanposts and fanshots

One notable and controversial event was the September 2012 SBnation redesign. The redesign's goal was to give a more united, community feel to the entire SB nation blog network. This was met with several different opinions, ranging from loving the new tablet-friendly functionality to a distaste for the loss of individuality some felt made Purple Row unique, with many in between. 

Several writers left and joined Purple Row in 2012.  Most notably, RoxGirl, the Purple Row founder, officially retired from the blog in order to focus on other interests.  Several other writers left as well.  Andrew Martin (who first posted as RockiesMagicNumber) and Andrew Fisher (who first posted as Poseidon's Fist) also left the blog in an official capacity.  With the retirement of RoxGirl and Martin, Jeff Aberle became the new headmaster at Purple Row.  The pool of writers expanded with the addition of {whoever all of the new people are - there's so many of you that I can't keep you all straight}.

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