Every 5th day, you’ll see him arrive.

About 6 foot 4 and 235.

King of broad shouldered, narrow at the hip.

Everyone knows, you don’t give no lip to big Jon.

 -Big Jon, Big Jon, Big bad Jon



Nobody seems to know where Jon calls home.

Just pitches for the Rockies, stays alone.

Doesn’t talk much, kind of quiet and shy.

And if you speak at all, you just say hi, To big Jon.

Some say he came, from way down south.

Others often say, he'll never work out.

When our team called, for that mighty arm,

We all said son, you'll take us real far.

-Big Jon, Big Jon, Big bad Jon



Then came the day, for that big league test.

We knew this man, would give us his best.

Fans praying, heartbeats fast.

Everyone thought, this guy won’t last, except Jon.

Big Jon inspired, all the men on his team.

Shut down their bats, man he stopped them clean.

reached out with his palm, and said "take my hand"

"And I'll lead you men, to the promised land"

-Big Jon, Big Jon, Big bad Jon.



Through the dust and and the blood of that pitching hell,

Walks a giant of man, everyone will know well.

The words we said, when he made his stand:

"in Denver now, there’s a big, big bad, man"

-Big Jon, Big Jon, Big Bad Jon