The Centurion is anyone who contributes 100 or more comments to a game thread (or very rarely, awarded in regular threads that get completely out of hand), regardless of their perceived value to a given thread. When the Rockies are hovering around .500, one can expect to see anywhere from 2 to 7 of these in a given thread. Double Centurions are anyone with 200 or more posts in a given thread. This generally occurs once every two weeks. In 2013, these rare feats are rewarded with pictures of a creepy smiling sombrero.

Triple and Quadruple centurions are even rarer, but not unheard of. As one would expect, the frequency of centurions increases as the Rockies' play improves.The number of comments are calculated as soon as the last out in a game is made, and not for the entire thread once the game wrap goes up, which can be up to eight hours after the conclusion of a game. Comments are calculated either by hand, or using the SBnation Roll Call.

Some posters find the centurion to be an object of ridicule.


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