Game Threads are where the majority of the commenting on Purple Row takes place. There is a game thread for each of the 162 regular season games and all postseason games over the course of a year. The game thread lists the lineups for both teams and the stats of that day's starting pitchers.

In 2013, game threads began being posted 10 minutes before game time, being preceded by a new type of post, the Game Preview, which gave more in-depth information about a particular game, including batting and pitching trends.

Game threads can be as few as 250 and as many as 2,000 (or more) comments. When a particular number is reached where navigating the thread becomes too CPU-intensive for a significant portion of the user base, an Overflow thread is created. Some games can end up with multiple overflows, even if they only last nine innings in reality.

Users who post over 100 comments in a game thread are declared "Centurions" for that game regardless of whether it was done in one thread or required an overflow. There is no special bonus for this, and sometimes it is treated as an object of ridicule.

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