The following is an alphabetized list of nicknames used by Purple Row commenters for Rockies' opponents. If you're looking for Chuck Nazty or The Toddfather, please see The List of Purple Row Nicknames for Rockies Players.

The EnemyEdit

Carlos Gomez, CF, Brewers - Evil CarGo, Fake Cargo

Justin Upton - Punkton

Jonathan Papelbon, P - Anusmouth, Papelbum, Papelbomb

Hunter Pence - Chihuahua, Googly-Eyes

Hairsti - Either of the Hairston brothers who have consistently made Rockies fans miserable.

Any 5th Starter who completely shuts down the Rockies is referred to at least once as "Cy [last name]"

Padres:  The Dads, The Floundering Friars

Dodgers: Doyers, Jerks

Giants:  F the Giants (see also memes)