Through out the history of Purple Row, there have been a number of threads that, while not being stricly related to baseball, will be referenced from time to time by us regulars.

[ed note: someone find that thread where Muzia pretended to be Greg Smith plz]

April 28, 2005: The post that started it allEdit

RoxGirl, the founder of Purple Row, published her first article on her new blog Purple Row.  RoxGirl had previously run a different blog for several years.  Franchise26 contributed the first comment.

October 1, 2007: Game 163Edit

April 17 - 18, 2008: Rockies 2, Padres 1 (22)Edit

August 24, 2009: The SpillySlam Game (inc. Overflows)Edit

June 16th, 2011: Abbott and Costello Visit the RockiesEdit

A fanpost by Realmenwearpurple

August 5th, 2012: Curiosity Lands on MarsEdit

Giants 8, Rockies 3 - As one could imagine with that kind of result (concluding a miserable homestand), the game wrap quickly moved from non-baseball matters much to the chagrin of the powers that be.

Sept. 28, 2012:Edit

LDMM's Purple Row Oregon Trail Adventure

May 2013: Sjambathon Edit

What began as an innocent request by member Sjamb when he left his phone at work morphed into one of the longest and most memorable threads not related to the Rockies in a long time. It totalled 1164 comments and was the birthplace of the SjGuarentee, which can only be used after a Sjambathon. Sjamb sucessfully retrevied his phone at 2:44 am MST. The Sjambathon followed a 3-0 loss to the STL Cardinals. Also known at the Sjamboree.