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What Is Purple Row? What Is The Purple Row Wiki?Edit

Purple Row is a Colorado Rockies fan site and community that is part of the SBnation platform. The Purple Row wiki is a way for those new to the site to become more accustomed to Purple Row, which can be very confusing and hard to navigate on first visit. This wiki will explain the different sections, the history of Purple Row, and shed some light on some unusual terms one may find while browsing the site. Welcome, and have fun.

Where Should I Start?Edit

Are you new to the Row? There's a ton of places you can start.

I would personally recommend The List of Purple Row Feature Pages as your first stop.

After that, you can check out The List of Purple Row Nicknames for Rockies Players to figure out who we're talking about during a given game thread, and likewise what we're calling our opponents as well. Once you've gotten the nicknames down, you can investigate The Purple Row Memes, so the game threads aren't completely and utterly confounding. If you're a more serious type, you can instead visit Purple Row to find out its history year by year, starting with its founding in 2005. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Latest activityEdit

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