Remembering Rocktober is a four-part retrospective series written by First Class Minion RhodeIslandRoxFan celebrating the five year anniversary of Rocktober, the stretch of 21 wins in 22 games by the 2007 Rockies en route to their first (and as of 2013, only) National League Pennant.

RhodeIslandRoxFan, or RIRF, decided to document his experiences watching the 2007 Rockies and share stories about how he felt watching the Rockies' magical run that September and October.

Part I refreshes us on a two-game split with the Marlins in the middle of September, the second game of which, on September 16, 2007, was the first win of the streak. Part II goes over the Tuesday 9/18 double-header with the Dodgers, which the Rockies' surprisingly swept. Part III discusses another unlikely victory over the Dodgers, and Part IV discusses a more standard victory over the same.

Oddly enough, Remembering Rocktober never actually reaches Rocktober, or Game 163. While it may more accurately be "Remembering Rocktember", it was a very well-received series and it's doubtful most users would mind if more "Remembering Rocktober" posts were put up in the future.

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