RhodeIslandRoxFan is a First Class Minion of Purple Row based in Rhode Island. He is best known for being the namesake of the concept of RIRFing, the ability to retrieve highly relevant old comments and old posts that may not have been viewed by any other user in months or years, his dislike of the Yankees, and his vociferous defenses of Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. [need RIRF avatar picture for this page]

RhodeIslandRoxFan independently developed Drag Factor, a metric showing how many plate appearances a team is giving to below-replacement players. His posts are often long and statistics-filled and generally considered among the most informative on the entire site. On occasion, RhodeIslandRoxFan will, instead of putting up a stats-heavy post, put up a screenshot of a particularly poor ball/strike call by an umpire with cartoonish MS Paint graphics. [we need one of these pictures of course]