The Rockpile is Purple Row's daily news briefing post and main daily thread of discussion, put up every day between 8 and 11 MT seven days a week. The Rockpile contains one main theme that a day's writer touches upon, be it a particular hitter's recent hot streak, the home/road splits of the team's pitchers, the designated hitter, or league-wide rule changes among other things.

The Rockpile also contains a collection of daily links that the reader may find of interest, such as to the Denver Post, ESPN, fangraphs, or a human interest story tangentially related to the Rockies. Monday - Wednesday as well as Friday the Rockpile also contains a link to an off-topic thread.

The Rockpile was effectively the same column as 2005's View From The Top (Row), which turned nameless in 2006 before finally being rechristened as the Rockpile on Monday, February 19, 2007.

Notable RockpilesEdit

2/19/07 - The First so-called "Morning Rockpile"

add some links to notable Rockpiles, preferably where terms are coined, important rockies victories, memes are created, &c

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