The Season (Year) That Should Not Be Named, TS(Y)TSNBN or The 2012 Colorado Rockies Season, was to that point, the worst season in Rockies franchise history. The team finished 64 - 98, barely avoiding the first 100 loss season in the team's existence. The team was crippled by injuries to its star players and rotation, and according to fangraphs, posted one of the worst single-season ERAs by any team's starting rotation since the Second World War.

This dismal season led to pessimism entering 2013, leading one prominent writer to predict the 2013 Rockies would only win 53 games.

Rowbots feel it is bad luck to mention "2012", so one of the two above euphemisms is generally used instead. If a writer accidentally inputs a game thread as having "2012" in the thread URL instead of the correct year, it is generally accepted the game will end up as a Rockies defeat. When a commenter uses the phrase "/2012'd" they are usually referring to a string of bad luck that appears too unfortunate for mere coincidence.

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